Camping with your Pet

Prevent Littering® by getting your pet spayed or neutered!

By Linda Wasche

More than two-thirds of Americans have at least one pet and for many, it is part of the family. So it is not unusual that we are seeing more pets traveling with their guardians.

Camping in the great outdoors can be a great experience with your pet. We say “pet” but we really mean “DOG” and highly discourage camping with your cat, bunny, guinea pig or any small pet that is more prone to run away or fall prey to predators.

Today, camping outfitters offer numerous products for making your dog’s camping experience more comfortable — from pet tents and sleeping bags to portable folding food bowls and freeze dried pet food. There are also a lot of tips for camping with your dog. These include making sure that your pet is wearing ID tags and is on a leash at all times, as well as making sure shots are up to date and pre-checking campground rules.

HOWEVER, these tips leave out one important precaution: get your dog SPAYED OR NEUTERED!

This is standard for any responsible pet guardian. However, sterilization is even more important if you plan on taking your dog on camping trips, for a number of reasons. “Fixed” dogs:

Do not go into a heat cycle, during which females can cry and attract males.

Have fewer behavior and temperament problems.

Are less likely to roam, run away or get into fights.

AND, the most IMPORTANT reason – you will not come home with a litter! Neither will your campground neighbor! Many pet guardians are amazed at how quickly the pet mating ritual can occur. Somewhere between the campfire songs and the s’mores, you could come home with more little campers than you bargained for!

So “prevent littering®” at your campsite. Get your dog fixed. You will also be helping your pet live a longer, healthier life.
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Linda Wasche is president and founder of NOOTERS CLUB®, promoting pet spay and neuter and responsible pet guardianship.