Campfire Cooking

Spent 8 days cooking over this fire and was great, will order 3 more in couple of weeks. Should be marketed as weight saver for riverboat hunting as it take place of propane bottle and stove. Feel free to use the pic thats why I took it
Thanks again

From Susan
I borrowed one this past weekend and loved it so much I had to own it.

Attached are some photos from our camping trip in September at Davidsons Campground Bristol New Hampshire, we love the grill it worked out perfectly for all of our meals…And it cleaned up AWESOME!!!

Many thanks
Tara and Bob Mullen

We received our campfire grill as a promotional item when we purchased a pop-up camper back in 2001. Loved it so much…I bought a second one for my brother who also loves to camp, AND a spare just in case it ever breaks down. I should note the spare is still in the box since the original from 2001 is as good as new. Here are some pictures of some of my favorite BBQ chicken while camping in the Smokey Mountains.

July, 2008
I am a professional chef and have been cooking 26 years. I just had to have one of these after using the one my friend had. The key to cooking over campfire, is heat control and with this grill the ability is effortless. You could also add that I have been camping for 35 years..

James A. Bousson
Executive Sous Chef
The Brown Hotel
Louisville KY.

June, 2008
Just wanted to let you know how much we love our original grill. We bought it during the winter so have just gotten to use it. We had some concerns about using it in the “new and improved” State Park firepits but it works great. It cleans up wonderfully and holds loads of food.

Thanks for a great product!!

Jim and Cindy Ghastin
Kincheloe, Michigan

From Chad 6/3/08
Just wanted to let you know that we had a chance to try your product out
over the weekend, and it worked like a charm! Great product, I will
definitely recommend to others.

From Tom in Gross Point Mi.
Stop by and see what 15 years of fire pits, 40 cords of wood and 3200 steaks will do to it. The damn thing looks BRAND NEW. The best product on the market. Happy Fathers to both of you. TT. OUT

From – Cousin Rick Black- Outdoor Sports Author / Chef
As a “seasoned” outdoor author and chef, I am known as a rascal when it comes to my grilling. The Perfect Campfire Grills meet all my demands. I should know a thing or two about them, cause I personally use every model! Easy to set up and use, the Perfect Campfire Grill puts the “Oh” in outdoor cookery. I highly recommend The Perfect Campfire Grills as a great tool with all my cookbooks. “Now that’s a tip from your old Cousin Rick”. Yeah Buddy.

From Terry and Annette in Canada

Hi Jeff,
Everyone that helped us was amazing. We touched base with Donna at Atlas as you indicated we should. She gave us a few suppliers, we contacted the first one, Chuck at RV Campers in Langley. Donna had located the model we wanted in Calgary and Chuck had her bring it in from there. The whole process took about 3 days, if that. Hence we have our Original ( The Perfect Grill ) Campfire grill at home. We will be using it this weekend with a number of friends coming over to spend the weekend at the dog ranch in Langley.

Thank you so much for help. You and your friends have excellent customer service skills. We were extremely impressed with that. Thanks again and please pas along our thanks to your distributor ( Donna ) and her friends ( Chuck and his wife in Langley )

Terry & Annette

From Vicki in Ohio,
This has got to be the best grill around for campers. This past weekend friends of ours cooked on it all weekend. It was great! So of course we had to order one as soon as we got back home. Thanks for making such a great product for us campers!! It is a wonderful product and all campers should have one or even two! Thanks!

From Canadien Biker Grenville Skea-
I got it!
Thanks for your help Jeff, the grill is awesome! The quality is great and it fits my saddle bags perfectly. I would rate your grill at 9.5 out of 10 and will endorsing it whenever possible.

Thanks again for your help and I am now ready to ride to Inuvik!!!

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