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Campfire Grill
Hello, I purchased my Campfiregrill in the summer of 2005. I can say it was the best purchase of ...»

Ned Monroeville, IN

Campfire Grill
Great grill! Easy to use and convenient for 5th wheel camping. Ordering was easy easy and the ser ...»

Russ Windber, PA


How to Care for The Perfect Campfire Grill

With The Perfect Campfire Grill, you can perfectly prepare your favorite outdoor foods from steaks, chops and fish to hot dogs, chicken, burgers, game meats and more! The Perfect Campfire Grill is made of top quality colled rolled steel with double nickel and chrome plate and will last for many years. Its FDA-approved coating makes it safe for campfire cooking. The Perfect Campfire Grill is GUARANTEED to provide you with many years of grilling your favorite foods over even the most extreme campfire heat.

Assembling The Perfect Campfire Grill

Your grill includes three pieces: A) STAKE for securing the grill into the ground, B) GRILL RACK including our patented raised edge and C) A 90-DEGREE SCREW for securing the grill.

To set up your grill, follow these easy steps:

1. The STAKE. With the pointed end down, use a hammer or mallet to secure the stake about 8 inches into the ground. (If the soil is sandy, you may want to add another 2-3 inches.)

2. The GRILL TOP. With the RAISED EDGE facing upwards, locate the circular collar on the edge of the grill. Place this collar onto the STAKE and move the GRILL to the approximate desired height.

3. The 90-DEGREE SCREW. Thread the screw into the nut on the circular collar. Adjust the grill to exactly where you would like it and tighten the screw with your hand until snug. (Avoid over tightening.) Simply loosen the screw to adjust the grill height.

To disassemble, make sure the grill is cool. Simply loosen the 90-degree screw and lift the grill rack off the stake. You are now ready to go to the next campsite!

Using The Perfect Campfire Grill

Place your food items on the grill rack, right up to the edge. Our patented raised edge enables you to use the entire cooking surface without food rolling off into the fire. The raised edge is also a handy backstop for flipping burgers and other foods.

The rotating grill feature allows you to safely baste and remove food. To turn the grill away from the campfire, simply rotate the grill and the stake will turn. There is no need to loosen the 90-degree screw.

Cleaning The Perfect Campfire Grill

Clean up is simple. While the grill is still hot and on the stake, brush it with a steel-bristled grill brush. This will enable you to easily remove any food particles. Some discoloration after use is normal. Once the grill is cool, you can further clean the surface with dish soap and water or steel wool. After clean up, store your grill or just leave it out for next time.

Easy to Install

Just pound the stake into the ground, and easily connect the grate.

Easily Adjusted

Easily adjust the height according to the size of your campfire.

Raised Edge

Raised Edge keeps the food on the grill, and not in the campfire.

Easily Rotates

Rotates 360 degrees away from the campfire.

Portable and Compact

Portable and compact for easy storage 2-1/2" x 20" x 25"

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