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Campfire Grill
... I love the way it cleans up and storage is no problem. I'd still give it a 10 on a scale of 1 ...»

Dean Pardeeville, WI

Campfire Grill
It is a great piece of equipment and I use it regularly. The size is perfect and the clean-up is ...»

Jim Sparta, New Jersey

The Rebel Grill Package [TRGP]

The Rebel Grill Package - Rebel-Combo-228x228.jpg
The Rebel Grill Package - Rebel.jpg The Rebel Grill Package - Rebel-Box.jpg
Brand: Campfire Grill
Product Code: TRGP
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Price: $42.10
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Unlike any other grill, the Rebel can be used with charcoal or with a ground campfire. The two-piece stake, 10" x 12" grill rack and charcoal pan all fit into the Rebel's own carrying bag. Load the charcoal pan with charcoal before packing, place the Rebel in your saddlebag, backpack or car, and you will be ready to cook when you arrive at your cook site. Like all The Perfect CampfireGrills, the patented Rebel has the trademarked raised edge. This allows the chef to position food over the entire grilling area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of loosing it to the fire. The grill rack and charcoal pan connect to the stake with an L-Shaped screw. The stake is connected with a screw and connects snugly together with included wrenches.

Clean up is easy . . . no matter where you are!
Cleaning up the Rebel after grilling is easy. Be sure the hot charcoal has cooled and appropriately disposed of, or that the campfire is attended to and the grill has cooled adequately. You can clean the grill rack with soap & water, steel wool or oven cleaner.  If you are not in a place where you can easily clean the grill, put it into the FREE carrying bag -- you can always clean it later!

Food stays put with our UNIQUE RAISED EDGE!
The unique Raised Edge keeps food from rolling into the fire.  It can be used as a "back stop" while flipping burgers & hot dogs (as shown on the video).  It also enables you to use the entire grilling surface, right to the edge of the rack, maximizing your grilling surface!   If your grill isn't set up perfectly, don't worry!  The raised edge makes sure that your food stays on in any terrain!

Contents of this package includes:

  • Rack
  • Charcoal pan
  • 2 L-Shaped screws
  • Two-piece stake
  • Carrying bag

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Tips for using your REBEL Grill:
Before going n your trip, load charcoal right into the charcoal pan. The loaded charcoal pan & grill rack stack together and fit nicely in the carrying bag.  If you are not using pre-soaked lighter fluid charcoals, you can also fit a small approved can of lighter fluid in the carrying bag.

After arriving at your grilling site, screw the two-piece stake together and snug tight with the provided wrenches. Put the charcoal pan on the stake and lock it on with the L-shaped screw. If the ground isn’t too firm you can push the stake into the ground leaning it on the connected pan. If the stake doesn’t go into the ground easily pound the stake into the ground. Light the charcoal. After the charcoal is ready, you can carefully put the rack onto the stake and lock it on.

You can ALSO use the Rebel Grill over an open campfire. Simply follow the same steps excluding the charcoal pan. Always be careful when setting up the grill using charcoal or a campfire.



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