About Us

Meet Jeff

My name is Jeff Walker. I started building grills of all kinds years ago. I had many friends and barbecuing has always been a part of our get-togethers. When the weather permitted that is.  Of course, it was while camping that we found a need for additional attributes for our campfire grill. I had built a fairly large campfire grill out of expanded metal, large enough to cook for a crowd. After pushing food over the edge I realized that it needed improvement, which is how the Raised Edge was initiated. I had made many other improvements including using better materials and chrome plating. Once the improved version of the Original was in place, friends & their acquaintances wanted one for their own. This was the beginning of www.campfiregrill.com.

After having the website built, we started getting requests for new products including smaller grills for different uses and accessories like the carrying bags. We had requests for more portability. I had a buyer ask me to make our grill fit into a smaller package. Which is why we are using the two-piece stake. We had requests from motorcycle riders to produce a grill that would fit into their saddlebag. Hence, the Rebel charcoal/campfire grill.